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CLUB EVENTS !            


     The BEARS-HB club won the BEARS-All Boeing plaque for Field Day 2000.
            We not only bested the St. Louis team and the rest of the Boeing BEARS groups
            but we also placed 2nd in California and 31st in the nation in the 2A category!

            Below is a photo taken of available members on December 18, 2000 and was
            released for publication in the Boeing News shortly thereafter.  Thank you for
            supporting the Club in this endeavor! 
(December 15, 2000) by Walt)

Pictured above is a partial show of Club members who participated in Field Day 2000. 
Left to right: Jim North, John Keller, Mark Maddrell, Roy Lothringer, Rich Myers, Rocco 
Lardiere, Keith Mizokami, Jim Carter, John Hennessy, and Walt Glowski. 

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