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    Boeing Amateur Radio Club Websites

BEARS Long Beach 
The Long Beach ECT checks in on Mondays and Fridays at 0745 PCT on frequency 446.000, 
            PL 67.0.  The antenna is located  on top of building 52.  A low-power 2 Meter is also available 
            on frequency 147.580 PL 67.0.  Additional information may obtained by calling Phil Ernst 
            KD6MCB at 562-982-0850.

    BEARS Huntington Beach  (W6VLD)
This Club includes both the Huntington Beach and Seal Beach sites.  Daily net check-in is each 
            work day M-F beginning at 0745 PCT on 2 Meter, frequency 146.505 MHz using a 103.5 Hz access 
            tone; output frequency is 147.465 MHz.  Daily net check-in includes local community service 
            representatives from groups such as the Red Cross.

            The Club also operates a 440 repeater on 445.580 MHz with standard offset (5 MHz) and a tone
            of 94.8.  Both the 440 and 2 Meter antennas are mounted on top of building 44.

BEARONS club call sign is W7FLY.  We applied for and received that call sign when the FCC 
            re-opened the vanity call program.   BEARONS is based out of Boeing's Everett facility, which is 
            where 747, 767, and 777 airplanes are assembled, painted, and delivered to customers.  The club's 
            shack is located in the Everett Activity Center and is accessible during the Activity Center's normal 
            operating hours.

            The club operates and maintains a 440 MHz and 50 MHz repeater.  The repeater is located on top 
            of the main factory building at the Everett site.  The 440 MHz repeater operates using an input 
            frequency of 448.925 MHz and an output frequency of 443.925 MHz, utilizing a 100 Hz PL tone for 
            access.  The repeater call sign is W7FLY. The ID'er is normally voice but the controller board 
            suffered a hardware failure so the ID'er is now CW until such time that the controller is repaired.  
            The 50 MHz repeater operates using an input frequency 51.25 MHz and an output frequency of 
            52.95 MHz, utilizing a 100 Hz PL tone for access.

    BEARS Philadelphia (K3BA)  Bears/3
The VHF BEARS/3 net is Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. on 147.030 MHz.
            The BOEING-1 PBBS node K3BA digipeater is on 144.910. 

    BEARS St. Louis (W0MA)
           Please drop in on our 147.06 MHz repeater, +600 kHz offset, no PL required. You are also invited to 
            join our Sunday night club net on the repeater at 8:00 p.m. local time. A similar net is held Thursday 
            nights at 8:00 p.m. on 28.360 MHz.

    BEARS  Seattle (K7NWS)
      Repeater frequency is 145.33 MHz and a CTCSS Tone is required. 

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